Procognia addresses the growing markets of biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, offering unparalleled advantages to its customers and partners - biopharmaceutical manufacturers - by providing products, services, and integrated solutions to the market's extensively growing needs to achieve optimal glycosylation profiles and higher production yields.

The over $138 billion biopharmaceutical market is rapidly growing at a 2- digit annual growth rate. Biopharmaceutical and biosimilar developers and manufacturers are constantly seeking for improved manufacturing technologies and analytical tools, to meet the growing competition and regulatory requirements.

Procognia offers complementary solutions to two major challenges in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars:
  • Biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars with optimal glycosylation profiles for improved efficacy, safety and similarity
  • High-yield biosimilar cell lines for higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs

Procognia also applies its 12-year experience and in-house expertise for research and development programs in the areas of glycobiology and manufacturing processes of biopharmaceuticals and stem cells.
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Expert Glyco-Analytics Service Center Our Worldwide Centers:

EGC Provides Glycosylation Analysis directing towards optimal
glycosylation profiles for improved
efficacy and safety.

EGC provides Biosimilar
manufacturers with glycosylation
profiles as required by
regulatory authorities.

Our Advantages:
Rapid analysis - days to weeks
Over 13 years of experience in glycobiology and glycosylation analysis
HPLC and Mass spectrometry as well as high throughput proprietary glycosylation screening by GlycoscopeTM
Our reports provide comprehensive information accompanied by professional guidance
Our Services:
N-link glycan Analysis by HPLC
O-link glycan Analysis by HPLC
Profiling and quantitative
analysis of sialic acid
Quantitative Monosaccharide
High Throughput Glycosylation
Screening Using GlycoScopeTM
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